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2017-08-06 12.47.49 pm

BMW i3 (and our i3+REx) are one of those cars that need to be – first understood, then driven, and then smitten. From how it’s made (different to any other car currently on the road), to where it’s made in Saxony along with her drop dead gorgeous sister, in a new factory, powered by hydro-electricity.

Sure it’s NOT the nightclubbing, Gucci bagged, high heels i8 sister, but they are built exactly the same way. Yet, this one is pragmatic and remarkably fast beyond what BMW specs on paper say. But, you know all that, having done your research.

BMW i3 was crowned as the best & most reliable EV in its class and price range, both in the US and all over in Europe. E.g. see: & AutoExpress-UK. Based on our research, some 2014 models had Ver 1.0 issues, but you still have the BMW warranty.


Now, go get one! They make a fantastic pre-owned bargain too, and BMW has everything, including the services covered for 4 years. And, I’m not on commission.

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