dji Spark is the baby drone from the highly successful Chinese manufacturer dji.

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Main Features:

  • Can operate from your Palm with arm and hand gestures only.
  • Very small, that fits in a coat pocket.
  • Two axis gimbal.
  • Up to 15 min. flight time per battery.

Advanced features:

  • Can be paired with Android or iOS phone App.
  • Can be paired with a separate controller (highly recommended). It will enable >30MPH flight too.
  • Pair the Controller with Android or iOS phone with WiFi or, we would highly recommend using a Micro USB 2.0 OTG Cable:

You can buy the dji drone and its accessories directly from dji’s Store on their website.

Gizmolic Spark

Gizmolic Spark

Verdict on dji Spark:  9/10

Very small and an excellent Drone for the price. The video capabilities are fine for amateur use at 1080P. The still images are acceptable but could really do with RAW capabilities, like its bigger siblings. The Controller is a must—by which time, the price can get within a couple of hundreds of a dji Mavic Air or a Mavic Pro—although its smaller size will still matter for ease of travel and certain flight types. Noise is acceptable. Spare battery is highly recommend too. The batteries on the Spark take around 1.5 – 2.0 hours to charge. Photography and videography are only so so, but the POV you’ll get from a drone is always enticing. This is a perfect first drone to see if you are serious about this technology.

Verdict on CAMKIX Filter: 6/10

It certainly improves the contrast between very bright skies and the objects. The design of the filter is not perfect, where the smallest of knocks can either partially block the corners of the lens or make it fall off altogether. The filter is not the best polarizing filter and not comparable with a mid market filter on a camera. But, at a budget price, it is better than not having a filter at all.

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